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Advice on galvanizing

Technical area

Some information and notions on the world of galvanizing.

The construction market represents the largest share of production of hot-dip galvanized material. Alone it represents more than 40% …

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In today’s world, saving raw materials and energy is an absolute priority. The steadily growing demand for fuels and metals has led to an exponential … Find out more
The needs of today’s market, for which customers ask that the products offered meet high performance standards, together with the effects of competition always … Find out more
Hot dip galvanizing alone is able to offer a satisfactory duration of the corrosion protection of the products, in order to avoid maintenance for several … Find out more
In recent years, the signs of environmental degradation and the consequences of global phenomena caused by emissions, such as the greenhouse effect, acidification of rains … Find out more
Corrosion refers to the gradual deterioration of a material, caused by the progressive decay of its intrinsic properties, by chemical-physical interaction with … Find out more
To predict the corrosion rate of the zinc layer and therefore the duration of the protection offered by galvanizing, reference is made to the UNI EN ISO 14713 – 1999 standard which … Find out more
Like other surface protection processes, hot dip galvanizing consists of two main phases: the preparation of the surface to be treated and the actual galvanizing. For… Find out more
The protective layer that is created on the products as a result of the hot dip galvanizing is the result of the diffusion of zinc at the bath temperature, through the higher layer … Find out more
It is necessary to follow a few simple rules in order to take the greatest possible advantage from hot dip galvanizing and satisfy yourself and your customers. Given the simplicity of … Find out more