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Aware of the need to preserve the environment, and in line with the principles of sustainable development, Zincatura di Cambiano is committed to defining and maintaining an environmental management system UNI EN ISO 14001 certificate aimed at ensuring the continuous improvement of its environmental performance and the satisfaction of all the provisions on the subject, applicable to its own reality.

The company and the environment coexist in harmony thanks to efficient smoke abatement systems to combat pollution.

In 2003 it was chosen as a pilot company to obtain the Integrated Environmental Authorization (IPPC), with the support of the Province of Turin and the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (API), it was selected thanks to modern and innovative processing methods and to technologically advanced machinery, in order to minimize any type of pollution, avoid energy waste and rationalize the waste produced.

The IPPC provides for measures to avoid or, if this is not possible, reduce emissions into the air, water and soil, in the production of waste in order to achieve a high level of protection of the environment as a whole.

Galvanizing di Cambiano was chosen to participate in the EGGA project, promoted by the Italian Galvanizing Association (AIZ) for the establishment of the Galvanizing Life Cycle Inventory.


In 2006, the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification was obtained, the result of a constant commitment to make the standard of workmanship ever higher and to ensure a consistently high degree of customer satisfaction.

The specific standard for the sector is UNI EN ISO 1461 which describes the specifications governing the application of galvanized coatings on steel products. The UNI EN ISO 1461 standard describes in detail the definition of hot galvanizing, which is indicated as “the formation of a zinc and / or zinc and iron alloy coating on iron and steel products, obtained by immersing the products treated in molten zinc.

In 2016, the quality mark of the Italian Galvanizing Association “HiQualiZinc” was obtained, granted to zinc plating factories that meet the high standards required by the Technical Regulations which can be consulted on the website HiQualiZinc is based on the European and international standards UNI EN ISO 1461: 2009 and UNI EN ISO 14713: 2010. It also uses as a reference the “Hot Dip Galvanizing Good Practices Manual” published by AIZ, so that the designer and the customer of steel works can obtain certified characteristics of the protective system and corresponding durability, supporting the work of technicians and builders for regarding the CE marking.


Zincatura di Cambiano, which has always been attentive to continuous improvement, has obtained the UNI ISO 45001 certification “Management systems for health and safety at work”. workers in the workplace.

Until March 2018, the only internationally recognized occupational health and safety management system was the one compliant with BS OHSAS 18001: 2007, i.e. a British standard which, even if its macro contents are similar to UNI ISO 45001, by a The structural point of view, on the other hand, differs considerably as the latter was conceived in alignment with all the ISO standards concerning management systems aiming to implement a common framework, which includes a High Level Structure (HLS).

The standard intends to implement an organizational system that can:

  • Helping organizations to prevent and, if not possible, reduce the risk of accidents and occupational diseases of workers;
  • Provide a framework for continuous improvement of occupational health and safety performance;
  • Integrate the occupational health and safety management system into the organization’s processes.

UNI ISO 45001, with its focus on leadership, worker involvement, risk assessment, outsourcing management, strengthens the management and organizational approach to support the adoption of a corporate culture that looks at health and safety on the work not only as a regulatory compliance, but as an essential part of work processes and an opportunity for improvement and overall growth of company performance.